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Enter Hikawa Naomi, son of a music critic and Ebisawa Mafuyu, a young prodigy pianist who suddenly dissapeared from the music world.The story featured a few classical piano pieces and also few J-pop involve. Ebisawa Mafuyu,a young girl also knownly as a "Piano prodigy" according to the big piano competition winner in Europe every year,but suddenly dissapeard in a music scene,Ebisawa Mafuyu also releases CD's to the world.One day,as Hikawa Naomi searching for parts at the Junk yard,he suddenly heard a flowing piano classical piece somewhere that point,its a piano concerto. They story begins when Hikawa and Ebisawa Mafuyu met each other,and they will seek more and further expectation for themselves.Will they make it through all obstacles? Watch the manga now!

Author of "Sayonara Piano Sonata" : Hikaru Sugii

Date of released: November 2007 ~ October 2009. (in corporation with Dengeki Bunko Company)

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Anime manga piano related,music related,romance and high school.Info and introduction for the anime manga "Sayonara Piano Sonata"

Anime manga Author Information:

Hikaru Sugii? (杉井 光? Sugii Hikaru?), born in 1978 in? Tokyo, is a Japanese? light novel? author. In 2005, his debut work? Hime no Miko? won the Silver Prize at the 12th? Dengeki Novel Prize.?


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